Sea Turtles in Oblivion

A collection of poems

Mercury would sing

Forensic evidence on a big salt water ship
Dark is beneath us
give me compliments so I can tell my mother something 
money disguised as money is still money
love disguised as anything else is everything but the former
so adorn your crest and tangibles with a sulking presence 
If Eye was any place else
Mercury would sing
we resemble a time where no one understands 

Eye looked at her like a dinosaur 
Extinct from every bit of my past

Steve’d Mondo excerpt # 1 

Steve’d Mondo 

excerpt # 1 

(Source: tehvox)


Eye couldn’t be more excited

You shouldn’t be so delusional

Eye smell death on your fingertips…………does this mean you love me?

Laugher is piercing through a cylinder canvas
“HEY NOW” don’t catch a cold on a matterday
we all know that      sooooooo
seta saeld on the side

Whippersnappers like you used to run me dry
but I’m a noble loser

Holding hope to the highest regard
Stand up and turn around.
Im serious. Do it now!

Like as in physically……….. Stop reading. Stand up and 360.

Wasn’t that nice?

Remember the world around you?

Never forget

You are the CENTER of all of it.


My pupils are square

They think to muxh, and corner the sides

That used to be curved

The crooked smirks you let work in your favor

Cant hide how fast your heart melts

A 2 day old smoothie

Gets spilled, ruins everything

We were made to drink

Spill and think

Square pupils don’t wink

The rhythmic blink

To get away from me

Dark and drastic

Im not elestic

Never bouncing back

Were all a cuiticle

Of the models centerfold

Turn the page and staple it shut

You’re not one to look twice

And Eye never opened my eyes the first time

Square pupils

Straight lies

You’re getting better at telling them this time

Down the worm hole of a coffee bowl

Better be on your toes

Cause lava is hot and you are not one to teach about cool

My life is halfway through after I met you

Ribbon fleshed hands the day I met you

The decaying flower you already knew

Please make the right choices and wrong answers

Questions panting in the purse of a panther ( [with antlers] : new edit)

Holding hurt til it passes

There are no trains left

I guess I better be passive

A fist in a circle

A chest in a triangle

A square in the pupil




















to only need it

I’m the dog that ate your birthday cake

I’m the dog that ate your birthday cake

The last feeling that escaped

The tortured heart and the blessed mistake

We will all win by the end of the day

You just have to wait

Call me for a favor you’ve been waiting for

The paper’s wasted with your meaning

From the basement to the ceiling

You’re full of nothing

A full moon just sits heavy in the sky

Slowly descending into the daylight

A common occurrence sliced by absent thought

Treat it like a treatment you never had the cure for

Laugh and smile because that’s what we are made for

Heaven is a Handshake away

I hope you have time for it

Collapse and hold it in

Until blue was the shade that you once held so close

I’m the deepest

You wallow in the shallows

Tears made for tomorrow

But thought of today

Life hurts when you have to feel this way


A game

The last person that was good to you

Let die in your own mind

Forever til you want a rewind

Scratching at the surface

to find what’s behind

this hate you hold

the love you loath

the feeling of faking

that they want you to go

boundlessly evaporate

into the clouds

for the sad ones

stuck on the ground

washed with samway

I took all my guard in the hallway
the sideways bent shame 
of the over lame 
is never hard of hearing
jip from the mountain
a cascade of marmalupe
washed with samway
someone please stop this forever loathing voice crackling in my head 

embrace the sad things in life

embrace the sad things in life
because you live so many experiences while being expressionless 
your thoughts on the situation are as blank as the situation
my fingers are crippled around your waste 
there are things i could tell you that would ruin your day
screaming, yelling

I can 
and I could 
but that leave me looking like you
a contradiction to the conclusion
afraid of everything

Zonta: basic instinct to love

The only reason Zonta returns to me is because Eye

feed her

love her


care about her in every single way

but if I didn’t feed her she would runaway and never even think about wasting the energy to move a few neck muscles to glance back and see me weeping. 

unfortunately she has no basic instinct to love
unless I have in my hand what ever fills her need
sometimes a ball
sometimes a treat
but when i just have love to offer
she takes off down the street

I cant tell if I’m hungry or if my stomach has developed the ability to talk